Heirloom® Overview

Heirloom is a state-of-the-art software solution for refactoring online & batch mainframe workloads as 100% cloud-native Java applications.

It is a fast & accurate compiler-based approach that delivers strategic value through creation of modern agile applications using an open industry-standard deployment model that is cloud-native.


How It Works In 60 Seconds

Think you’ve heard it before? Got 60 seconds? Let us show you the Heirloom difference; watch the video below.

Try It For Yourself

You can download the Heirloom SDK via our courseware for free today. It is available on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Fast & Accurate

The core technology of Heirloom is a patented compiler that can recompile & refactor very large complex mainframe applications built from millions of lines of code into Java in minutes. The resulting application is guaranteed to exactly match the function & behavior of the original application.

Complete Solution

Mainframe applications are dependent upon key subsystems such as transaction processors, job control, file handlers, and resource-level security & authentication. Heirloom faithfully replicates all of these major subsystems by providing a Java equivalent (for example, JES/JCL) or a layer that provides a seamless mapping to an open systems equivalent (for example, Open LDAP for security).

Built for Cloud

Heirloom was designed and built for the cloud from the the start. Cloud-native deployment delivers application elasticity (the ability to dynamically scale-out and scale-back), high availability (always accessible from anywhere at anytime), and pay-for-use (dynamic right-sizing of capacity for efficient resource utilization).


Heirloom Computing works with industry-leading systems integrators to offer complete application modernization & PaaS enablement solutions to enterprises and ISVs.

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