Heirloom® Overview

Heirloom is a state-of-the-art software solution for replatforming and/or refactoring online & batch mainframe workloads as cloud-native applications.

It is a fast & accurate compiler-based approach that delivers strategic value by creating modern agile applications using an industry-standard cloud-native deployment model.


How It Works In 60 Seconds

Think you’ve heard it before? Got 60 seconds? Let us show you the Heirloom difference; watch the video below.

Try It For Yourself

You can download the Heirloom SDK via our courseware for free today. It is available on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Fast & Accurate

Heirloom's core technology is compiler-based and capable of replatforming & refactoring very large complex mainframe applications built from millions of lines of code in minutes. The resulting application uses the JVM for execution and is guaranteed to exactly match the function & behavior of the original application.

Complete Solution

Mainframe applications are dependent upon key subsystems such as transaction processors, job control, file handlers, and resource-level security & authentication. Heirloom faithfully replicates all of these major subsystems by providing an equivalent (for example, JES/JCL) or a layer that provides a seamless mapping to an open systems equivalent (for example, Open LDAP for security).

Built for Cloud

Heirloom is the only replatforming & refactoring solution designed and built for the cloud from the start. Cloud-native deployment delivers applications that dynamically scale on high-availability platforms.


Heirloom Computing works with industry-leading Global Systems Integrators and Cloud Service Providers to deliver comprehensive application modernization projects for our Global 2000 clients.

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