COBOL/CICS Hooks Up With Pivotal Cloud Foundry

August 16th, 2017

How To Make An Agile Dinosaur


Would you be skeptical of a claim from a vendor that stated you can take existing mainframe workloads (online and batch), and automatically transform them (with 100% accuracy) into instantly agile Java applications that can immediately be deployed to the cloud? You wouldn’t be alone. For many of our initial client meetings, there’s a palpable sense of disbelief (or, healthy skepticism if you prefer).

So, here’s another 3-minute video from Ian White, Heirloom Computing’s VP of Engineering that demonstrates that claim, using Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).

TL;DW? These are the (simplified) steps:


Want to try it? Execute the Mortgage App on PCF! This link will continue to work until the marketing budget has been exhausted 🙂

What happened? We took an online mainframe application and deployed it to PCF in 3 minutes. No misdirection, real code, real results, and a re-platforming project lifecycle that puts you in control (so you can avoid black-box solutions).

For us at Heirloom Computing, Cloud Foundry is a great example of how Heirloom maximizes the power of open source stacks to provide clients with a way to include high-value mainframe workloads in strategic initiatives (e.g. cloud, digital transformation etc). One that protects existing function, but also one that is seamlessly integrated with an agile ecosystem.