Elastic COBOL™ in 60 Seconds

Elastic COBOL transforms your COBOL applications to Java with 100% accuracy.

Think you’ve heard it before? Got 60 seconds? Let us show you the Heirloom difference; watch the video below.

Try It For Yourself

You can download Elastic COBOL for free today. It is available on Windows, Linux, macOS and Raspberry Pi.


Elastic COBOL compiles applications to Java while retaining both source code formats for on-going software engineering work. With a state-of-the-art Eclipse IDE providing a feature-rich editing and debugging environment, development can continue in COBOL or in Java, or both.


With support for 15 dialects, including all Micro Focus variants as well as IBM, Elastic COBOL provides extensive support for replatforming your COBOL applications to Java. Elastic COBOL automatically eliminates unused variables & dead-code to produce optimal Java code that is blazing fast.


With built-in support for proprietary file formats, your existing data can be used "as is", migrated to native Elastic COBOL file formats, or transformed to any JDBC compliant relational database. Whatever options you choose, no application code changes are required. And of course, Elastic COBOL also has built-in support for processing SQL statements.


Heirloom Computing works with industry-leading systems integrators to offer complete application modernization & PaaS enablement solutions to enterprises and ISVs.

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