First Non-Invasive Licensing-As-A-Service (LaaS) Solution Now Available From Heirloom Computing

April 16th, 2013

Cloud-based solution eliminates shipping, installation and tracking of software licensing keys

FREMONT, Calif.–()–Enterprise software publishers and commercial application providers now have a non-invasive alternative for license management as Heirloom Computing today announced its new cloud-based licensing-as-a-service (LaaS) solution.

Heirloom’s LaaS solution delivers unprecedented flexibility and ease-of-use. Instead of producing, shipping, installing and managing software licensing keys, application providers of all sizes can now manage licenses via a single browser-based dashboard, for any application on any platform. Furthermore, Heirloom’s LaaS solution allows application providers to continuously provision and manage users, track service and feature usage, and change pricing and features at any time.

“Heirloom’s new licensing-as-a-service solution is a revolutionary step in software license management,” said Mark Haynie, CTO of Heirloom Computing. “This enables software publishers and ISVs to streamline and automate the license management process, because it doesn’t require the issuance of a key that can get corrupted or expire due to operating system, installation or upgrade issues.”

“By moving the licensing process to the cloud, Heirloom’s LaaS puts application providers in complete control of their assets and licensing terms,” said Gary Crook, CEO of Heirloom Computing. “It’s a real win-win scenario, as their customers no longer have to contend with managing invasive licensing software on their machines. Common tasks that used to take several days, such as transferring licenses, can now be completed in seconds.”

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