Heirloom Computing Speeds Legacy Modernization In The Cloud With First-Of-Its-Kind Job Scheduler

February 26th, 2013

Fremont, CA (February 26, 2013) – Heirloom Computing Inc. today announced a first-of-its-kind scheduler to run batch jobs on ELPaaS, Heirloom’s Platform-as-a-Service for moving mission-critical enterprise applications to the cloud.

The Heirloom Job Scheduler works with Heirloom’s Job Entry Subsystem (JES) to make it easier and much less expensive for IT managers to manage their legacy applications in the cloud. Heirloom offers full support for legacy batch job languages such as IBM Job Control Language (JCL) as well as common scripting dialects, including UNIX shell and Python.

“We’ve been hearing from IT managers that they would really like the ability to schedule jobs to run in the cloud. Heirloom’s new scheduler solves that problem,” said Gary Crook, CEO of Heirloom Computing.

Watch this short video to learn more about the Heirloom Job Scheduler: http://youtu.be/mANO2BULOu4

The Heirloom cloud-based Job Scheduler reduces IT costs by making cloud-based legacy modernization more efficient and affordable. Cloud instances are started and stopped by the scheduler during a “batch window.” Fully compatible with IT operations today, the scheduler and the Job Entry Subsystem divide jobs into “classes” of resources (CPU, database, network), manages concurrency among a large pool of resources, and collects job “report” output for later viewing, printing or distribution from a central cloud-based Web portal. The scheduler frees up datacenter human resources, speeds delivering of mission-critical information and reports, and leads to greater application service levels.

“Heirloom’s cloud-based job scheduler is a real step forward in the modernization of legacy applications,” said Mark Haynie, Chief Technology Officer for Heirloom Computing. “Scheduled workloads that are more intensive are given more cloud resources to finish within the batch window, dramatically reducing the cost of maintaining computing resources that are only used to run large jobs.”

Heirloom Computing is on a mission to efficiently modernize the world’s business-critical enterprise software applications. Heirloom seamlessly migrates legacy systems to private and public cloud computing infrastructures, enabling IT departments to reap the cost benefits of cloud computing and satisfy user demands for applications accessible via web browsers and mobile devices.

For more information about Heirloom Computing and how Heirloom can help you transition mainframe workloads to the cloud, please visit www.heirloomcomputing.com.